How do I focus my energy?

Focus your energy on the critical 20% of your tasks that give you 80% of the rewards

A critical tool in the world of engineering problem solving is the Pareto Analysis, also known as the 80/20 principle. This tool gives you the clarity of mind to focus your efforts on the ‘big hitters’, the problems which are giving you the majority of your losses. By focusing on these big ticket items, not only do you know you’re working on the right problem, but you typically will receive the most reward for the least effort!

Try it yourself, list your current health, personal, work, issues and leverage your efforts to maximize the reward.

Rate them in order of severity, frequency of occurrence, time wasted, money wasted, whatever measure that you’re trying to optimize.

See below an example of my “Health Pareto” from when I first began my journey.


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